Our Story

Our Story:
92+ Health, Everything Sea Moss. #1 Sea Moss provider in Los Angeles.

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, our family embarked on a mission to create something extraordinary. Driven by our passion for holistic wellness, we set out to harness the power of sea moss to promote health and vitality.

Led by our visionary founder, Keshila, we delved into the world of natural remedies, seeking ways to enhance our own well-being and that of our community. Through extensive research and collaboration with experts, we discovered the incredible benefits of sea moss – a nutrient-rich seaweed with remarkable health properties.

With this knowledge in hand, we embarked on a journey to develop a unique line of supplements infused with the goodness of sea moss. Our goal was to create products that would not only improve health but also empower individuals of all ages to lead vibrant and fulfilling lives.

The name "92+ Health" embodies our belief that true health extends beyond mere numbers. It reflects our commitment to providing supplements that exceed expectations and promote holistic well-being.

Driven by our entrepreneurial spirit, we saw an opportunity to not only build a successful business but also leave a legacy of generational wealth for our children. With passion and dedication, we poured our hearts into creating products of the highest quality, backed by science and expertise.

After months of meticulous development and testing, 92+ Health Sea Moss Infused Supplements were born. We launched our products with enthusiasm, eager to share their transformative benefits with the world.

Our supplements cater to individuals of all ages, reflecting our belief that health is a journey to be embraced by the entire family. As testimonials pour in and our community continues to grow, we are humbled by the positive impact our products are making on people's lives.

But our journey doesn't end here. We remain committed to innovation and expansion, always staying true to our core values of health, quality, and community. Through education and outreach initiatives, we strive to inspire others to embrace holistic wellness and live their best lives.

As the story of 92+ Health Sea Moss Infused Supplements unfolds, we invite you to join us on this journey of health, happiness, and abundance. Together, we prove that with passion and dedication, anything is possible – and that true well-being begins from within.